Tidings of comfort and joy

Trigger warning. Rape. Sexual Assault. Child abuse.

At this time of year it becomes easy to reflect on what has past and take stock ready for what is to come. It is for this reason that I have taken the step of speaking more openly about my experiences and the help I have received as a result of them.

At secondary school in my first year there was a PE teacher that sexually assaulted me a number of times. He also recorded the boys in our school taking showers using a hidden camera and was subsequently fired and added to the sex offenders register. Sadly I kept my experience buried for too long, justice wasn’t able to be served and the police told me he had passed away.

The line they used was “At least it can’t happen to anyone else” hoping to be a comfort. It happened to me. I have times where the slightest scent, sound or choice of words will transport me back to the changing room.

The only solace has been to talk. Now that I have with family and a select few friends I feel free. I am also in group therapy and the help they provide is immeasurable.

Christmas can be a triggering time. It is for this reason I ask that if you are able to help the service that helped me.

ROTHACS provide one to one and group services for victims of abuse. I went in as a non binary person and have joined the men’s group. The service is looking into providing a separate service for non binary agender and non conforming people but that is on a referral basis. If you can, please help.


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